6th Grade in Review

I have had a great, weird, sad, fun, and amazing sixth grade year. I have grown in so many ways. I love school and my friends. In sports, I have grown in many ways. I hit my first home run of many. I have improved my mile time by 45 seconds. I also have improved […]


I built a roller coaster because my class is reading Cosmic and there is a roller coaster. If you like science fiction you will like this book but I do not like this kind of books.               Come to the Loopy Looper, the largest roller coaster. Come to Germany go up 800 […]

Free Time

During my free time in quarantine I do many thing but one of my favorites is riding my bike. I go around my neighborhood. I do tricks on speed bumps and on the edge of the sidewalk. I do jumps and get off my bike and get back on. My longest bike ride during quarantine […]


My teacher gave us an assignment to look out the window and observe your surroundings. Looking out my window I see my back yard. I hear a lawn mover. I also hear birds. I also hear my friends playing basketball. I hear one of my neighbors talking on the phone. I feels so peaceful just […]


Kindness is the most important quality. Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. You should always be kind to everyone because you never know how much it will change them. It could save someone’s life so why would you not? Humans need to work on being kinder. I hope people think I […]

Scott Reinten

Scott Reintgen came to are school to talk about his new book Ashlords. Scott is a local author. He was a high school English and creative writing teacher before becoming author. He has two kids. His favorite food is cookie dough. He was born and currently lives in Durham, North Carolina. He wrote Nyxia series, […]


Do you know how to play basketball. Basketball is a sport that is played with five people. In college it is play for two halves with a break in between. In the NBA you play four 12 minutes quarters. It is played with a round ball with a 29.5 inch circumference. It is also played […]

Plank challenge

In language arts class we have bean doing the plank challenge. You may be wondering what is plank? Plank is an core exercise that involves maintaining a position similar to a push-ups for the maximum possible time. The plank challenge is a challenge where you add five seconds everyday at the five minute mark we […]

Wisdom Tales

In Language Arts class we have been working on wisdom tales. Wisdom tales are short stories that teach lessons. We did 30 tales. We did tales from India, China, Japan, Greece, the Middle East, Jewish tradition, Christian tradition, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas.  I loved doing the tales. My favorite tales were Amazing […]